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Project Description
The purpose of the GiveCamp Starter Site is to provide an out of the box web solution for hosting a GiveCamp so that the organizers of the event can spend their more time ensuring a successful event instead of creating a website.

Features Include
  • Charity/Non-Profits to project proposal submissions
  • Volunteer registration
  • Volunteers can review and self-assign themselves to a project (FUTURE)
  • Automatically notify Charity/Non-Profit that they have been accepted to the event when 5 people have self-assigned themselves to their project (FUTURE)
  • Automatically notify organizers when a Charity/Non-Profit or Volunteer registers on the site (FUTURE)
  • The ability to host more than one event with a single install (FUTURE)
  • The ability to post announcements about the event from the integrated blog (FUTURE)
  • Integrated Content Management functionality to allow page content to be easily updated (FUTURE)
  • The ability to post announcements to the blog and maintain page content via MetaWebLog compliant editors.
  • The ability for Administrators to assign Volunteers to Charity/Non-Profit project and accept them to the event. (FUTURE)
  • The ability for Administrators to add/update sponsors information (FUTURE)
  • Allow project teams to collaborate with each other on projects they are assigned to (FUTURE)
  • Allow project team member to upload documents to their projects (FUTURE)
  • The ability to display Tweets for configured twitter account on site (FUTURE)
  • Administrative functions to configure dates and times for event, location, et (FUTURE)
  • Easily select look and feel using pure CSS themes (FUTURE)

Get Started
*Getting Started

Sites Using the GiveCamp Starter Site

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