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Table of Contents

  1. Installation Overview
  2. Fresh Installation

1 - Installation Overview

The GiveCamp Start Site installation process is fairly straight forward. The information below will guide you through the process and help you with any issues you encounter. GiveCamp Starter Site version 1, 1.1, and 1.2 are all source releases. A source release means you will need to edit the source code with Microsoft Visual Studio.

2 - Fresh Installation

By fresh installation, we mean that you are creating a new instance (folder with the application) of GiveCamp Starter Site on your server/hosting space/local pc. If you already have an instance that you played around with, but you just want to start again, this is the section for you.

Get the web project source

Now that you have a downloaded zip file, you need to un-zip it. This can be done with a bunch of different utilities and in a bunch of different methods. You have download the source code, the web project is buried a little bit. The Microsoft Visual Studio Solution file, GiveCampStarterSite.sln, is found under the GiveCampStartSite folder.

Edit project source files

- Edit the master page: Title tag
- Edit the text on the home page
- Edit the sponsor page to set you contact email address and add any information about sponsors

Create the SQL Server database

Create the Database on your hosting SQL Server instance. Remember the Server Name, Database Name, and User Id and Password required to access the database. This information will need to be updated in the Web.config file in the GiveCampWeb project.

Publish the GiveCampWeb project

Load the web project on your web server

Now that you have the web project folder, copy those files and folders out to your web server. This usually involves FTP, but depending on your situation, it might even require a portable storage device (e.g. USB flash drive).

Navigate to the web page

Ok, now you are ready to navigate to the web site and see how you did. For example, if you installed the web site to your local machine for testing, you would navigate to http://localhost. If all goes well, you are greeted by the default GiveCamp Start Site.

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